What we will drink from in 2023: 5 cool trends in the design of a soda can


What will drinks look like in 2023? A new study has revealed global trends in packaging design. "Green Planet", "Nostalgia" and "Psychedelic" will conquer our hearts this year.Experts are trying to determine the "most charming and attractive" design. But the last word always remains with the buyers. Polls help to find out their opinion in advance. Researchers offered respondents to choose 5 trending designs for the same soda can. Trends of 2023 in packaging design
Which designs did potential buyers like the most? We offer you to get acquainted with trends from the future.

Natural motives
The design project "Green Planet: the use of natural elements and natural colors" won. The respondents rated the natural design of the packaging above all according to three criteria, despite the obvious non-ecological nature of the aluminum can. In general, respondents liked this option by 7.1 points out of 10 possible points.

In 2023, the retro style of the 70s and 90s returns to the packaging design. The trend of our grandmothers stands out with the use of cartoon illustrations, bold colors and plots. Respondents rated the vintage packaging design by an average of 6.9 points.

Geometry of lines
The top three in the survey included design developers associated with the rigor of lines and expressive color. Combinations of various shapes, elements and juicy shades allow you to create a bright design that will be remembered by customers.

This style was highly appreciated by respondents aged 18 to 30 years. The young prefer... emptiness. The trend traditionally assumes a large amount of empty space, simple fonts and a minimum of graphics.

This design was least liked by potential buyers. But experts believe that such a design will suit companies that support freedom, self-expression and a non-standard view of the world.

When choosing carbonated drinks, we pay attention not only to the packaging, but also to the quality of the products, the presence of dyes and flavors.

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