The history of lollipops. Who invented caramels?


There are favorite confectionery products in every generation. And caramels and lollipops have a special place in our hearts.But what about the history of these sugar products? In which countries were they born and how did they become popular? How are they different? Let's focus on each question in more detail.The history of lollipops
2.5 thousand years ago, sugar was first obtained. It happened in India, how – it is not known for sure. But the one who decided to try to isolate sugar cane syrup changed the world forever.

Sugar solidified and turned into crystals – perhaps these were the first lollipops. But if we consider only sugar frozen after heating as lollipops, then their first mention also refers to India, approximately to the V century.

Gradually, the idea of obtaining sweets by boiling sugar began to spread around the world, reaching both the Western Roman Empire and the ancient Eastern states.

In the VIII century, the art of creating lollipops in the form of animals – Amezaiku - was born in Japan. Until now, it has not been lost: once in Tokyo, be sure to visit the shop of master Shinri Tezuki – such lollipops will definitely surprise you!

In Medieval Europe, lollipops were a luxury available only to the nobility. This was due to the high cost of sugar and difficult supplies from the south.Since the middle of the XX century, sugar has been getting cheaper. In Spain, in 1958, the legendary Chupa Chups appeared, in America and Europe, the tradition of Christmas lollipops was born, and so they gradually conquered the world.

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